27 January, 2009

Stephanie: Catch me, I'm falling down

Empire of the Sun is the musical lovechild of Luke Steele from The Sleepy Jackson and Nick Littlemore from Pnau. Walking on a dream is one of my favourite electronic songs of the summer - a mellow and psychedelic track that always manages to release a feeling of tranquility within me.

Stephanie: Breakfast at Tiffany's

Someone take me back to the late 50's! So i'm halfway through reading Truman Capote's famous novella 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' and to refresh my memory i rewatched the first 5 minutes of the movie. Oh goodness, when Audrey stands outside Tiffany's in the morning in that stunning Givenchy black gown i feel my complexion turning acidic green! Standing outside a luxury jeweller dressed in what is deemed approrpriate daywear of the time, it becomes rather shocking when you absorb just how much the times have changed. Appropriate daywear apparel back then is now something most average women would either laugh at or admire with hesitancy. The sadder thing is, most people don't find the opportunity to dress so 'properly' because of the confinements our social morale impose upon us. Although we've become a more liberal society - wear what you want, shave half your head off, stretch your earholes into the size of 10 cent coins, we've also become very disdainful of the classic elegance and theatrical elements of fashion because it is associated with a time of female and individual repression. Well, if wearing a mini-dress during the daytime (that shows everyone you walk pass what you ate for breakfast) is a form of liberation, i'd rather be a supposedly supressed 1950's socialite who ran away from home and wears Givenchy like Holly! Since it was Australia day yesterday, i hope we as a nation become alot more respectable when it comes to our choice of apparel because i don't want to spend another year sub-conciously cringing at half the people on the street. One day, when i have the funds, i will put my feet into Holly Golightly's shoes and stick it to the man.

24 January, 2009

Stephanie: SS09 Campaigns

SS09 has been here for a while, but now that most - if not all - the campaigns have been unravelled, it's time to sort through the good and the...not so good. Usually, i would write 'good bad and ugly' as the old saying goes, but the problem with blue-chip campaigns is that you never get 'bad' or 'ugly' because it's, well, blue-chip!

The Good:
Chanel - I'm really glad Heidi Mount landed this campaign because she is so underated! The shots are light enough for an S/S campaign and really show the eloquence and grace of Chanel.

Chloé - Toni Garrn and Anna Maria Jagodzinska have coveted at least twenty Spring 2009 ad campaigns for the season. But here, Chloé gets them both and really creates commercial appeal for a collection that reminded me of ravioli.

Longchamp - Although Kate's been the face of Longchamp for a while now, i'm glad to see the pairing with Sasha. It's your typical Mert and Marcus campaign with such high impact it can sell almost anything, and for that, kudos.

Roberto Cavalli - Glad to see Daria working, her energy and the vibrancy of the dress and white background really express the vitality of Spring Summer fashion.

Salvatore Ferragamo - Keeping Claudia for a second season was a very good choice on Ferragamo's behalf, the overall composition really encapsulates the essense of the season.

Valentino - Simplicity prevails and so do household names, Stephanie Seymour FTW!

Versace - Gisele and Kate, need i say more?

Yves Saint Laurent - I love the resonance of the Y throughout the entire campaign, the vectors, everything! A very well thought out campaign.

The not so good:Balenciaga - The reason i'm not feeling this is because it doesn't even have ANY connection with the season whatsoever. Last S/S when Nicolas Ghesquière had constructed those bright floral patterned armour-like dresses. Using a light refreshing palette of colours, it was one of the most memorable looks of the season - iconic. This on the other hand, is just so...dark. I suppose i feel disappointed.

Louis Vuitton - Sorry Madonna, models do it better.

Marc Jacobs - Whether it was putting Cole Mohr is a dress or Posh in a bag, i've always loved you MJ! Unfortunately, this campaign really doesn't do it for me and there's only so much poor Raquel can do.

Miu Miu - Dear Mrs. Miuccia Prada, please stop using celebrities in your Miu Miu campaigns. The only reason they work out so well is because Mert and Marcus are aesthetic geniuses, not because the celebrity carries greater charisma than a model. I say this all with the exception of Vanessa Paradis of course.

21 January, 2009

Stephanie: Models at Recent Events

So i'm flying solo today and this will happen every now and then whenever we impulsively feel like showing you something! Today whilst looking through pictures from the Miu Miu New York store opening, i thought to myself - Why can't Miu Miu open a store in sydney?! There so are many of us who suffer ever so greatly from the lack of flagship stores in the land of Oz!

Since wallowing won't change anything, here are three outfits worth noting:

Lonneke Engel - She just looks so damn pretty! Love the shoes.

Hana Soukupova - Woo clubbing outfit!

Sasha Pivovarova - I saved the best for last! God, she is divine.