28 February, 2009

Stephanie: Versace Couture

I love love love couture! It's a whole world of it's own and i sometimes really wish i was a celebrity or royalty or something, just so i could constantly dress up and look out of this world! Now, i'm a huge fan of Georgina Stojiljkovic despite the fact that people think she looks like she has a gunk of funky smell under her nose. Personally, i think she has face. Striking cheekbones, pillowy lips, open eyes, an impartial mysterious gaze and impeccable bone structure, Donatella Versace and i are one the same wavelength when it comes to this model. Using Georgina as her model of choice for this Spring's Atelier Versace showcase - which you can only see in real life if you make a private appointment - the collection is clean, elegant, structured and most importantly bold. Every gown - imo - is a show stopper and very red carpet. Now, enough chat, let us lust over them!

25 February, 2009

Stephanie: Stephanie Seymour

Stephanie Seymour is 39, roughly grandma age when you convert that into model years. As one's modelling career usually slows down after they 'fill out' their curves, the great thing about the 90's supermodels is that they already had the curves, giving them immortality. Of course im speaking generally here, since as the kaiser Karl says:
"What you need is a face. If you have a face you don't need height or a voice"
I just think she's ace and it doesn't hurt we shame the same name :)

(It's all in the face baby)

(Going with a sheer and surprisingly flattering dress for the Costume Institute Gala last year)

(Pwning all the young waifs as she stars in the Valentino ss09 Campaign)

(I want that body when i turn 39... 29, no, 19 will do just fine, beggars can't be choosers! )

23 February, 2009

Stephanie: UMACQ

AHHHHH! My university (college for all you foreigners!) - Macquarie University - finally opened it's train station today! Although it will still take a while to get there, it won't be as bad cause i won't need to take a bus...seriously, i hate buses. So it took 7 long years to build this underground railway and cost 1.2 billion dollars, yes, holey moley indeed, but it sure as hell is swanky! Here are some pictures of the amazing architecture below that i took with my phone. Now, if you don't live in Australia, you'll probably be like - 'eh, nothing spesh, looks pretty average', but our state railway services are considered extremely poor for a developed country, so this is a big deal damnit!

(This gets a thumbs up from me!)

So today I attended orientation week at uni with my friends Joselyn and Leanne. Besides experiencing the festivities, we also sat in Leanne's modern history lecturer and boy, her lecturer was one hell of a looker! I'm not going to elaborate any further incase this gets googled but he was really cute - in a mid 30's early 40's tall dark handsome kind of way. I think that knowing he obtained a great amount of intellectual substance made him cuter but he's married of course! Interesting fact Leanne just told me, teacher student relationships are allowed, LOL EW! Never say never? No really, i say never! Since Joselyn and i don't actually study modern history, we began scribbling on scrap paper and i was fortunate enough to get an old planner that had hilarious messages inside. This one was definitely the highlight, a message that ran across three pages reading :
you smell... *turns page*
like bin... *turns page*
This caused an outburst of laughter, because BIN JUICE REALLY DAMN STINKS! Upon reflection, it was a good day with lots of laughter, where our only complaint was of the humid climate and constant battle with our very own fitness levels. Another highlight was recieving freebies, heaps of them! We got a whole load of random crap - frisbees, candy, headbands with bug antennas on them, inflatable lips, fingertraps and at one point, were offered condoms, from not one, but two stalls :\

Now onto the style! I'm all about the elegant look, but when it comes to uni, keep it simple, keep it clean, you really look like a fool when you overstyle. I think it is time to invest in sneakers! Although sneakers have never really been my style, i'm beginning to embrace the practicality of them and recently bought a pair of Lacoste Isanti Mids in black and lavender to wear to classes (pictured below).

Yes people, i'm thinking, baggy tops, lots of t-shirts, clean cuts, denim, leggings, cheapy cheap sunglasses you won't regret losing - comfort, things you literally throw on in the morning because you're too tired to think of what to wear. Here are some prime examples of what i mean:

Afterall, you're there to learn and i personally, really don't mind if people can't accept me because i choose to let go of myself and not wear make-up and dressy clothing! I mean look below, i'm having the time of my life!

(I pixelated the face behind us because he was staring really creepily with no discretion and i'm saving you all from being severely scarred! )

22 February, 2009

Stephanie: You've got Y-mail

(L to R: Black Y-mail Clutch , Mini Y-mail Patent Tote bag in Gold, Silver Y-mail Zip Wallet)

The Yves Saint Laurent Y-mail series has recently caught my eye! It comes in colours - black, gold and silver, my favourite being the black of course! I find the effortless, nonchalant cursive writing really charming but i'm not sure if i would still like it after a few looks, y'know? I like items that grow on you, and look as good if not better than the first day you bought it. Gah, I wish there was a YSL store in Sydney so i could see the merchandise. Actually, correction, i wish there was just a flagship store in Australia! I feel rather deprived that we don't have Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Chloe, YSL and other fabulous luxury brands because it pressures alot of women to buy online. Maybe it's just me but i'm a try before you buy kind of girl and buying luxury brands online isn't as fun as being in the store yourself! After all, you're paying so much money, why not enjoy every fine detail?

(Kylie Minogue with her Black Mini Y-mail Patent Tote)

Stephanie: Oh Carine!

Words cannot express how epic Carine is. I think everyone loves her so much because she has such edgy style and can manage to smile with teeth! Her signature look consists of charcoaled eyes, thick brows, middle parted hair that always has a tinge of regrowth and sharp apparel. Deemed by many as the most fashionable woman of the moment, she also holds highly coveted titles such as Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris, 'The Anti-Anna', 'MILF... you get the drift. At the ripe age of 54, she's ontop of her career, has a better body than most teens, mothers two successful children - Julia and Vladimir and has aged amazingly. What isn't there to admire?

(The 18 year old Carine, what a babe!)