25 March, 2009

Stephanie: Natalia Vodianova

Yes, all my recent entries are about models, but I can't help it that they're fabulous! Natalia Vodianova is no exception. Yes, she kinda looks 15 sometimes, but the 7th highest earning model is loved by all! She doesn't need the money from modelling these days as she married 'the Honourable Justin Trevor Berkeley Portman' (lol) - a British real estate heir, so it's no surprise her recent appearances are those to shows, award ceremonies, parties etc. Her style is a bit of everything, and you can see how versatile she is from the outfits below.

Stephanie: Liya Kebede

(Liya and her very very lucky husband Kassy)

I ♥ Liya Kebede. She's a mother of two, loving wife, great model and most importantly, not a diva - a character trait many associate with african models because they've only heard of Naomi Campbell. Liya's modest look allows her to be sexy without looking like she belongs in the red-light disctrict. What i also envy about her is the fact that she seems like one of those women who've never had a crazy 'Betsey Johnson, Vivienne Westwood-wearing, party like it's 1989' phase, which i believe, all young women go through...at some stage.

17 March, 2009

Stephanie: Alice Dellal

Whether it's for the wrong or right reasons, Alice Dellal has people's heads turning. The heiress-turned-model with her half shaven head and nose ring gives off the bad girl vibe wherever she goes, causing a frenzy of imitations. Here are a few looks that encapsulate her style. Some call it trashy, others call it godly, i call it...interesting.