25 July, 2009

Shang Villaruel: Finally Reunited :)

Recently back from Cebu, we are finally in the same country! Twin souls for life HAHA

20 July, 2009

Stephanie: Pumpin' it up at Pump House!

Our friend Melanie, fondly known as the baby of the group, recently turned 18. To celebrate the wonderous occasion, the friendships and i went clubbing on saturday night/sunday morning at Pump House in Darling Harbour! Best decision made that day = wearing flat shoes. Actually, it was a lesson learnt the hard way. Foolishly, i wore heels to work and experienced the origins of immense pain. Luckily, my mother bought me new - now trashed - boots during my break and the day was saved. This is what my friend Kate and i wore respectively :)

18 July, 2009

Stephanie: Brazza or Koala?

I hope these pictures are helpful...

Damier Ebene Eva Clutch with Damier Ebene Brazza Wallet
Brazza Wallet in the Eva
Damier Ebene Eva Clutch with Damier Ebene Koala Wallet
Koala Wallet in the Eva

Choosing one over the other is really hard! It really depends on your lifestyle and personality because both wallets have their pros and cons. The most obvious question you should ask yourself is - Do you want a long wallet or short wallet? Which is more practical for you? You can find all the specifications - number of credit card slots etc - on the Official Louis Vuitton Website. Personally, i prefer the Brazza. I bought it knowing that i would use it with every Vuitton bag i have and will have in the future. I find the design to be really...handsome. Yes, i just called my wallet handsome! But it's true! The way it elegantly folds out, the simplicity of the design, i've never felt cooler spending money - which probably isn't a good thing. However, one criticism people have of the Brazza is that it is a very mascauline wallet. Funny thing is, that makes me like it even more because i can be very androgynous at times with my apparel. The koala on the other hand is like the polar opposite of the Brazza. I think the best adjective would be ultra-feminine. The blazing bright red interior is so sharp and sexy it screams! Unfortunately, the gold covered brass closure will get scratched and you will embarrasingly spend 5 minutes trying to get a stupid coin out of your wallet. However, it's worth it because you will get a tonne of compliments for owning one of the blingiest wallets Louis Vuitton has to offer! Now before you take the plunge, have a good think about it. I definitely recommend you go and visit your local flagship store and see both wallets for yourself. Have a talk to the SA and decide then if you are still unsure. Like i said, i love both wallets for their own reasons. But, if i could only have one, it would be the Brazza...Did i mention how amazing it looks when hot-stamped? ;) Good luck with you decision and be sure to tell me which one you end up choosing!

17 July, 2009

Stephanie: These are a few of my favourite things...

Initially, i was going to post my entire collection, but it's pretty annoying putting shoes and handbags back into their dustbags...so here is some of it. Hahaha, i promise i will post everything eventually. If you have any requests - modelling pictures etc or questions, feel free to comment and i will get back to you a.s.a.p :)

Much Love, Stephanie.

Louis Vuitton Bellevue GM in Pomme - My first Lvoe...a gift from my parents for my 18th birthday this year :)
(The vernis leather is like hot red liquid)

Ferragamo Marisa in Patent Leather - This bag is such a Ferragamo icon. I love how the leather changes colour under different shades of lighting!

Ferragamo Gancio Wallet in Pink Saffiano Leather :) - My grandmother and i have matching wallets thanks to mummy dearest. I have adopted it as my everyday wallet!

Okay! Time for shoes shoes shoes! This is only a fraction of my collection...it's really tiring carrying all the shoeboxes upstairs :(

My first pair of Gucci's
Ferragamo Varas in Grey
The devil does indeed wear Prada...

04 July, 2009

Stephanie: Longchamp Store Opening

Weeee~ Another Longchamp Store is opening in the QVB in Sydney tomorrow :) Daria Werbowy and Kate Moss are in the latest campaign debuting the new Gatsby Handbag. I'm excited!

Stephanie: Balmain Fall 2009

I know, i know, i have Anja fever. I just can't help but love everything she does! So it isn't surprising to know that i am ecstatic about her landing the Balmain Fall 2009 campaign! I mean, one of my favourite models ever with one of my favourite collections ever! It's like a match made in heaven. I can't wait to see more photos from this campaign! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

PS: I miss Villaruel's ghetto butt! Yes she is in the tropics whilst i battle the cold here in the land of Oz. I expect photos, lots of them :P and i will stop talking indirectly to her...now.

02 July, 2009

Stephanie: Sasha and Anja

I am in love with this couple! They have really amazing chemistry on camera and these snaps from the April 2009 edition of Fashion for Passion show exactly that - connection.

Stephanie: Young Love

These pictures of Ali Michael and Nick Woronowicz for the Last Magazine Spring/Summer editorial are really lovely - my favourite being the picture above. Their expressions are so soft and for once, i am not disturbed by the thought of pre-pubescent love...blame Shakespeare for that one. Really though, i am incredibly taken by these images. Everything is just so unconventionally pretty! I mean, i generally don't like using the word pretty because of that phrase we all know too well - 'pretty isn't beautiful', but just this once, pretty seems like the most appropriate adjective to use. The lighting, the models, the poses, the simplicity in the styling, it's just so...pretty.

Stephanie: Hong Kong coming soon!

Hello! As soon as i got back, my twin soul Sarah left for Cebu :( It makes me rather sadcakes. Anyway, so I got back from Hong Kong like on Monday morning around 6:30am and am feeling super laggy til this day because i pulled an all nighter on the plane. I promise to write an EPIC TALE of my travels next week! Here are five words that describe my trip = Shopping, shopping, shopping, eating, shopping hahaha :)

(Good morning Mong Kok! Taken from my hotel room at Langham Place Hotel)