04 May, 2009

Stephanie: I'm in LVoe with Louis Vuitton cupcakes!

Cupcakes are food, ergo the cuisine title! But these aren't just any ordinary cupcakes, they're literally eye candy! Baked by Ccyhan on Flickr, the little Tivoli PM is SO CUTE! AHHH *squeals like crazy* I officially LVoe Louis Vuitton in edible forms, even the Kalahari cake (although i am not a fan of the Kalahari handbag)! Gosh, i wish i had a fraction of the skill required to bake such masterpieces. Unfortunately, i am a failure in the kitchen so i will just sit here and drool.


  1. I don't think I'd even eat any of that - it's too pretty to be turned into stomach goop! I bags a cupcake birthday cake.

  2. omg. they look absolutely gorgeous.