06 June, 2009

Stephanie: The Lady Dior


LADY DIOR. I've actually been wanting one for a while now, but after reading Noeleene's post, i realised i never came around to blogging about it! Designed in the 1990's when Gianfranco Ferre (God rest his soul) was creative director of Dior, the Lady Dior handbag was popularised by Diana, Princess of Wales. To this day, many associate elegance and female propriety with this magnificent handbag, loving the history behind it as well as the great women who carried it. I guess i'm one of those women, i really adore items that come with wonderful anecdotes. I love knowing why and how things came to be. Because of all these factors, the Lady Dior is a screaming classic to me. I truly believe that i will continue to love it and lust after it until the day it is mine. With that said, Lady Dior's do not come cheap because of the craftsmanship that goes into these beauties. Last time i visited Dior, the handbag cost roughly around AUD3000 depending on the size. Since the act of yearning is often rather depressing, i don't think i will try and remember the exact price until i achieve ridiculously good grades or win the lotto. Here are some pictures of Lady Diana and her Lady Dior :)


  1. OMG you guys are going overseas? I'm so jealous. Omg, your Villaruel counterpart is Filipino? :O Or is she just going to the Philippines to visit, because she doesn't look Filo!

    And I know I am in love love love with this Lady Dior bag but I didn't know it was $3K here!That breaks my heart, but we definitely will end up buying one. Where do they sell it down here? I've been saving for a good bag but if I were to choose between a bag and going overseas, sadly I think that at this stage in life I'd choose the latter.

    We'll get them one day!

  2. Yes Noely my sweet, we're going overseas! Chyeaaaah! Sarah is half filo :)

    Lady Dior's cost alot, you can see them at the Dior Boutique inside David Jones *nod nod* You should definitely buy a good bag.. when the funds are available of course! I can understand why the latter - travel - would be more tempting, you can't take away lifechanging experiences! However, if you do end up choosing the bag, you MUST show me :D