04 March, 2009

Stephanie: The social dynamics of university

The dynamics of university from the eyes of a nubkin.

After my lecture and tutorial today with familiar faces, i had to fend for myself for a whole hour and a half. Usually, that time flies past because you are having an ace time with friends, but when you are alone, you begin to feel as if time dilation existed in the real world. So, i wandered and i roamed, and when i found a place for myself to nest on, i began to study those around me. These university students were either (in order of frequency):

Alone - Reading, eating, chatting on phones, typing on laptops, scribbling in notebooks

With their significant others

Hanging within their own ethnicity groups

Hanging with friends they already knew from high school

Hanging with people they just met

(So...wanna be friends?)


I think, i'm just really tired and exhausted from having a routine. After a four month holiday of funtastical adventure, it's really hard to get back into the daily grind. I suppose all i can do is jump and see where i land...hopefully with a splat.

(I know, i always have the most flattering poses)


  1. yep . LOL. i totally agree uni = boring + hard work = crap HHAHA

  2. when you're bored and have nothing to do.

    go to E4B, where ERIC is, and use their computer labs.....facebook is always good....

  3. wow the chick under the headings- 'people u have only just met'seems really really cool from the pic n i think im in love with her, whoops i think its a guy...well im really in love with him...give shim ma no. plzzz its 7843 9477 1347 1836 3575 7492 6382

  4. i like the last image....
    nice autors nice blog