09 March, 2009

Stephanie: The one and only Dita Von Teese

These pictures date from the beginning of 2006 til now and the 36 year old has not aged one bit., meaning her SPF 50+ M.A.C. Sunscreen sure paid off! Born with the beautiful name of Heather Sweet, Dita Von Teese lives out every woman's sexual inhibitions...in style, of course.


  1. this chick is extra fine...

    stephanie, you too^

  2. Hey you! Dita is for sure one classy lady! Love her style, my own style is a little bit more... relaxed ;) and that's why I have so much time to draw! Doing art is the best thing I know!
    What do you like best Stephanie? (How warm is it in Australia now? I will problaby envy you:))