18 July, 2009

Stephanie: Brazza or Koala?

I hope these pictures are helpful...

Damier Ebene Eva Clutch with Damier Ebene Brazza Wallet
Brazza Wallet in the Eva
Damier Ebene Eva Clutch with Damier Ebene Koala Wallet
Koala Wallet in the Eva

Choosing one over the other is really hard! It really depends on your lifestyle and personality because both wallets have their pros and cons. The most obvious question you should ask yourself is - Do you want a long wallet or short wallet? Which is more practical for you? You can find all the specifications - number of credit card slots etc - on the Official Louis Vuitton Website. Personally, i prefer the Brazza. I bought it knowing that i would use it with every Vuitton bag i have and will have in the future. I find the design to be really...handsome. Yes, i just called my wallet handsome! But it's true! The way it elegantly folds out, the simplicity of the design, i've never felt cooler spending money - which probably isn't a good thing. However, one criticism people have of the Brazza is that it is a very mascauline wallet. Funny thing is, that makes me like it even more because i can be very androgynous at times with my apparel. The koala on the other hand is like the polar opposite of the Brazza. I think the best adjective would be ultra-feminine. The blazing bright red interior is so sharp and sexy it screams! Unfortunately, the gold covered brass closure will get scratched and you will embarrasingly spend 5 minutes trying to get a stupid coin out of your wallet. However, it's worth it because you will get a tonne of compliments for owning one of the blingiest wallets Louis Vuitton has to offer! Now before you take the plunge, have a good think about it. I definitely recommend you go and visit your local flagship store and see both wallets for yourself. Have a talk to the SA and decide then if you are still unsure. Like i said, i love both wallets for their own reasons. But, if i could only have one, it would be the Brazza...Did i mention how amazing it looks when hot-stamped? ;) Good luck with you decision and be sure to tell me which one you end up choosing!


  1. Thanks for posting the pics Stephanie!

    Now before I take a plunge to get my new wallet, could you let me know which one you like more(between Koala and Brazza) and why? :)

  2. Most certainly! I'll do that right now :)

  3. Well, I took the plunge and bought the Brazza! Initially I was thinking about getting mono as mono is more feminine imo. As I have a lot of mono SLG so I thought I'll get a damier this time. And this is my first damier! It fits beautifully in my Eva. Yayy!!!

  4. Congratulations on your first damier piece :) Yaaaaay, I'm so happy for you! Enjoy your new wallet!!!

  5. anonymous aka melza: i love how u made ur bed LOL. pic 1 is classic! dont tell me u purposely made it messy, i wont believe u lol :P