28 February, 2009

Stephanie: Versace Couture

I love love love couture! It's a whole world of it's own and i sometimes really wish i was a celebrity or royalty or something, just so i could constantly dress up and look out of this world! Now, i'm a huge fan of Georgina Stojiljkovic despite the fact that people think she looks like she has a gunk of funky smell under her nose. Personally, i think she has face. Striking cheekbones, pillowy lips, open eyes, an impartial mysterious gaze and impeccable bone structure, Donatella Versace and i are one the same wavelength when it comes to this model. Using Georgina as her model of choice for this Spring's Atelier Versace showcase - which you can only see in real life if you make a private appointment - the collection is clean, elegant, structured and most importantly bold. Every gown - imo - is a show stopper and very red carpet. Now, enough chat, let us lust over them!

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