10 February, 2009

Shang Villaruel: 'I wish I had a boyfriend/admirer so he could buy me this/these 'item(s)'

We are 4 days away from spending yet another Valentines Day alone on our couches, watching romantic comedies whilst eating our feelings away. However, us single birds can wishfully think can we not? Here are our top 5 'i wish i had a boyfriend/admirer so he could buy me this/these 'item(s)' *ahem* Gentlemen?

Stephanie's Picks
  1. Louis Vuitton Passion Necklace - Because every woman needs impractical jewellery in their life to remind them just how much you spoiled them this Valentines!
  2. Prada Bear Key Holder/Charm - Prada, Bears, Pink, Red, Cute, Love.
  3. Tiffany&Co. Jean Schlumberger Bud Engagement Ring - So if you have AUD55,000 (roughly equating to USD33,000 and £24,500) lying around, you know, just...lying right there as you read this, you should probably invest in this gorgeous 'rose bud inspired' diamond ring as a pledge of your soul and undying devotion for as long as she lives.
  4. ck IN2U - One for her, one for u and i guarantee she'll be IN2U for the rest of the evening ;)
  5. Bling H20 Water - The $50 bottle covered in swarovski crystals will cool your lady down from the hot hot heat she will feel for you this Valentines.
Sarah's Picks:
  1. Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Heart Coin Purse - Everytime she reaches for her change she will think of you and besides, every woman wants a little LVoe in her life!
  2. Marc Jacobs Big Heart Zip Clutch - Because it's cute, purple and MJ, need i say more?
  3. D&G Dolce & Gabbana Peek-A-Boo Watch - Cheesy yes? But for those who want to remind their loved ones, that well, they are loved hahaha.
  4. Ferrero Rocher - Sadly cliche i know, but tasty and mouthwatering most definitely!
  5. Tiffany&Co. Return to Tiffany Heart Toggle Necklace - It may break your bank account but the blue box says it all.
Seriously, who said money can't buy love?


  1. stephs 1st pick....did a dog lose its collar?

  2. LOL i wonder who anonymous is eh? it's the best damn red ribbon money can buy!

  3. Ha Ha steph the $50 Water is classic! That is definatley what I want this valentines!