25 February, 2009

Stephanie: Stephanie Seymour

Stephanie Seymour is 39, roughly grandma age when you convert that into model years. As one's modelling career usually slows down after they 'fill out' their curves, the great thing about the 90's supermodels is that they already had the curves, giving them immortality. Of course im speaking generally here, since as the kaiser Karl says:
"What you need is a face. If you have a face you don't need height or a voice"
I just think she's ace and it doesn't hurt we shame the same name :)

(It's all in the face baby)

(Going with a sheer and surprisingly flattering dress for the Costume Institute Gala last year)

(Pwning all the young waifs as she stars in the Valentino ss09 Campaign)

(I want that body when i turn 39... 29, no, 19 will do just fine, beggars can't be choosers! )

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