11 February, 2009

Stephanie: Sex and the City

(Sarah as Charlotte, Me as Carrie and Leanne as Samantha because no one wanted to be Miranda LOL)

Dear anyone who reads this, after reflecting upon my very very very old blog with a few friends, Sarah and i have decided to put our initial plan of making this site a more personal blog into action. I suppose the main reason is that there are many fashion blogs out there and what really makes us pop are our personalities. This way, you guys can be in on the jokes, get to know us better and enjoy our posts alot more.

Now to business, the picture above will either bring laughter or a confused expression to your face! So around noontime today, our friend Leanne drove over to my hood to make way to Sarah's Casa and when we arrived, PRESENT EXCHANGE! Yes dear readers, Sarah Villaruel turns the big one eight this friday the 13th! So after settling down and getting cozy in the lounge, we decided to watch... The Sex and the City Movie! Now we're talking about three SINGLE ladies who have a bad case of wanderlust, it was never meant to go down right.

Here are a few of the moments that managed to get reactions out of us:
  • 'Year after year, twenty-something year olds come to New York in search of the two L's: Labels and Love' - Labels, love and a career remind one just how good it is to have goals ;)
  • Big's consequent bashing when his Merc passed Carrie's Limo - Yes it was embarrassing for him to get a bouquet of beautiful white roses thrashed upon his head, but it was more embarrassing for poor Carrie who was left at the altar!
  • Charlotte's refusal to eat Mexican grown food - we can't get enough of Charlotte's anal mannerisms!
  • Lily's Strawberry Cupcake Clutch - WTF! Lily - Charlotte's 5 year old adopted Chinese daughter carries a Limited Edition Judith Leiber Strawberry Cupcake Clutch worth £4295! We admit it, we felt bitter... very bitter.
  • 'Charlotte Poughkeepsied in her pants!' - It doesn't matter what you're watching, when a person shits their pants because all they ate was 'pudding in their Prada', it's damn funny!
  • All those awkward scenes where they 'coloured' - All we could think of is how we'd change the channel if parents were around!
  • When Samantha left Smith - WHYYYYYYY?! :(
  • When Miranda and Steve reconciled - We rode on the lollercoaster when Miranda and Steve met at the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge. Steve's scrunched up face from all that bad acting was downright hilarious, and the height difference between the couple didn't help either.
  • When Big whispered 'Ever mine. Ever Thine. Ever Ours' - I swear i melted right into the couch! The reality is that every, and i mean EVERY woman, young or old, is looking for their Mr. Big - Tall, Dark, Handsome, Witty...Oh, and the fact that he's a financier doesn't hurt either.
  • The prouduct placement of Louis Vuitton - Blinded from the amazing LV pieces featured, i was so distracted that i had to spend 10 minutes questioning Carrie's LOVE keyring and it went on like such:
    Leanne: Oh, the password is Love!
    Stephanie: How did you know that Leanne?
    Sarah: Remember when she gave thingy [Jennifer Hudson] the keychain?
    *Stephanie gets excited*
    Leanne: No stupid! It just a key ring that says love on it!
    Stephanie: Love, L-O-V-E or LV Love, L-V-O-E?
    Leanne: Oh my god your braincells are like dead!
    Sarah: Just plain l-o-v-e fool! You've got like some LV disease! You addict!
    Leanne: Addict!
Mr Big looks mighty fine with his LV Monogram Canvas luggage!

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  1. Cannot get over your Photoshop job! LOL Possibly the funniest one I've seen so far minus the time you did Lily in the Donkey from Shrek one. Also, DAMN THAT CUPCAKE! Bloody bitter as hell!