23 February, 2009

Stephanie: UMACQ

AHHHHH! My university (college for all you foreigners!) - Macquarie University - finally opened it's train station today! Although it will still take a while to get there, it won't be as bad cause i won't need to take a bus...seriously, i hate buses. So it took 7 long years to build this underground railway and cost 1.2 billion dollars, yes, holey moley indeed, but it sure as hell is swanky! Here are some pictures of the amazing architecture below that i took with my phone. Now, if you don't live in Australia, you'll probably be like - 'eh, nothing spesh, looks pretty average', but our state railway services are considered extremely poor for a developed country, so this is a big deal damnit!

(This gets a thumbs up from me!)

So today I attended orientation week at uni with my friends Joselyn and Leanne. Besides experiencing the festivities, we also sat in Leanne's modern history lecturer and boy, her lecturer was one hell of a looker! I'm not going to elaborate any further incase this gets googled but he was really cute - in a mid 30's early 40's tall dark handsome kind of way. I think that knowing he obtained a great amount of intellectual substance made him cuter but he's married of course! Interesting fact Leanne just told me, teacher student relationships are allowed, LOL EW! Never say never? No really, i say never! Since Joselyn and i don't actually study modern history, we began scribbling on scrap paper and i was fortunate enough to get an old planner that had hilarious messages inside. This one was definitely the highlight, a message that ran across three pages reading :
you smell... *turns page*
like bin... *turns page*
This caused an outburst of laughter, because BIN JUICE REALLY DAMN STINKS! Upon reflection, it was a good day with lots of laughter, where our only complaint was of the humid climate and constant battle with our very own fitness levels. Another highlight was recieving freebies, heaps of them! We got a whole load of random crap - frisbees, candy, headbands with bug antennas on them, inflatable lips, fingertraps and at one point, were offered condoms, from not one, but two stalls :\

Now onto the style! I'm all about the elegant look, but when it comes to uni, keep it simple, keep it clean, you really look like a fool when you overstyle. I think it is time to invest in sneakers! Although sneakers have never really been my style, i'm beginning to embrace the practicality of them and recently bought a pair of Lacoste Isanti Mids in black and lavender to wear to classes (pictured below).

Yes people, i'm thinking, baggy tops, lots of t-shirts, clean cuts, denim, leggings, cheapy cheap sunglasses you won't regret losing - comfort, things you literally throw on in the morning because you're too tired to think of what to wear. Here are some prime examples of what i mean:

Afterall, you're there to learn and i personally, really don't mind if people can't accept me because i choose to let go of myself and not wear make-up and dressy clothing! I mean look below, i'm having the time of my life!

(I pixelated the face behind us because he was staring really creepily with no discretion and i'm saving you all from being severely scarred! )


  1. Wooooooooo~ Nice train station but crappy uni LOL

  2. I'm also going with that style, looking good feeling good;). I'm not American, I'm Swedish :)... that's why you sometimes (or often?) might find some strange writing on my blog ;).

  3. i dont accept u for letting urself go :) <3 melza

  4. I dont get it, how did you manage to get pictures when the station was empty???

    every time i go its freakin packed.

    damn the air con system.

  5. it wasn't empty, i just have awesome timing anthony :D

  6. yeah, i go to macq uni.

    2nd year, son!

  7. oh maybe i'll see you around, actually, maybe you'll see me around since i dont know what you look like LOL

  8. I totally agree with you when you're talking about Uni clothes. One thing I don't think I'll ever understand is why girls would choose to wear heels to class. However, I don't know how different the demographics are between UMacq and UTS, but apparently simple and casual is not the go for some people in my lectures LOL.

    P.s. Seeing as this is a relatively older post, you're probably not going to see this comment!

  9. oh my god noeleene i have girls wearing backless dresses, heels and lv bags to uni.. like what the?! LOL

  10. A big yes to sneakers - you can be girly yet comfortable at the same time!