17 February, 2009

Stephanie: Taylor 'panda eyes' Momsen

An icon to the millions of tween gossip girl lovers, i to this day cannot comprehend the fact that Taylor Momsen is 15 years old. Her look is way too mature for her age! Perhaps actress life is causing her to dress too big for her shoes - hair, makeup, heels, micro mini dresses, the whole shebang. Since she looks like a twenty something year old now, she's gona look 40 years old without makeup before she reaches the age of 25 - not a pretty sight! Honestly, she won't be able to leave the house without makeup and when you get to that stage, it's very hard to be saved. When people see her without makeup they will absorb the shock that is her face and consequently ask her the question that offends many regular make-up wearers, it goes a little something like this - 'woah [insert name of sickly faced friend], you don't look too good today, are you like sick or something?' This then leaves you feeling shocked because she genuinely looks like she has some highly contagious virus and all you wanted to do was offer your concern. As for the 'i can almost see what she ate for breakfast' dresses, isn't she just that tad bit too young to give off the pseudo feminine ' i walk the streets fo' money' vibe? She's still a minor! With all that said, the green monster within me wishes to own a few pieces from her wardrobe.

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