14 February, 2009

Stephanie: Valentines weekend :)

(L to R: Kylie, Petra, Melza, Leanne, Moi and Sarah)

Happy Valentines Day! Last night/This morning, Sarah and I partied at Havana along with our most closest and dearest friends! It was much better than any other clubbing experience i've had (not many lol) for two main reasons - we went as a large group and because they played Hip-hop/R&b. Despite this, it was also rather sucky for one main reason - seedy men! What the hell are guys thinking these days? Just because you think you're apeshit don't mean you are! Honestly, pretending to be a lesbian or lying about your status is hard work! Men, women DO NOT appreciate being treated as a piece of meat you can air sex with from behind! Technically, you are violating her as she does not give you consent to get down and dirty with her derriรจre, just...dont do it. Seriously, every guy that attempted anything of such was barking up the wrong tree. Also, it made me think, what does that guy take us girls for? Some easy meat? So thats what he must think if hes game enough to pull such a stunt, what a clever form of insult. As for us girls, no, we are not prudes, and i in particular do not want to be called a stupid bitch for not wanting to humiliate and degrade myself by dancing with a guy that looks like an ape but thinks the sun shines out of his ass. Don't get me wrong, it can be fun to party and dance with the opposite sex, but only with consent. This contemplation of dancefloor politics then brought me to my climatic revelation which went a little something like this:

'If male company equates to having to settle for disgusting very unwholesome dudes, then i dont mind my past 18 manless Valentines Days!'

Manless Valentines Days = 18
Manfilled Valentines Days = 0

Life is not so bad, not bad at all!
As Sarah says, 'we aren't late night booty calls, men with substance need only apply'.

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