19 February, 2009

Stephanie: I just don't understand...

(Prada SS09 Campaign)

I've always believed that one day, somewhere along the path, i was going to age with Prada, but not if they keep sticking ugly plastic looking jewels on their bags! I love the SS09 campaign because if sensationalism could be applied to fashion, this would definitely be a prime example. Making everything look better than what it really is...à la Chloé SS09, you unfortunately cannot hide the ridiculousness of the pietre bags on Neiman Marcus. You would think that Prada learnt from their resort collection how ugly that lumpy mess was, but its translation into the spring collection is equally as distasteful. We're in a recession! People are either going to buy timeless pieces or splurge on things that pop. I wondered, why are there practically no blogs discussing Prada SS09 bags? Answer: Because they're pretty ug. Oh well, at least we all know now. If anyone actually owns a pietre bag and LOVES it, feel free to comment! I would really like to meet someone who does not share similar views as myself when it comes to these bags.