19 February, 2009

Stephanie: L-V-O-E

You know, my love affair with Mr. Vuitton hasn't always been smooth sailing, our relationship has infact been one of love and hate. If you met me a few years ago, i admit that whenever i saw someone with an LV bag i'd cringe. But nowadays i would say to you - 'i don't care that i'm asian man, i LVoe LV!' I think it all began when my ignorant little self walked into the Sydney Global Store and did i get one hell of an eye opener. A good majority of the clients were asian, not browsing but purchasing, and this most definitely caused me to change my default reaction whenever i saw an asian lady or man carrying LV. Instead of brushing it off as fake these days, i actually need to think about it. But still, why oh why is LV so popular? The answer is simple, it never goes on sale. You will never find a bag or any other item that tickles your fancy for less than what it is worth in a flagship store, and because of that, it is worth every penny and keeps the clients coming back. No wonder they encourage people to start up accounts, the reality is that people of all races, men and women, LVoe knowing that they'll never be cheated on or betrayed by Louis Vuitton. All good relationships are about trust, honesty and security people. Based solely on that, Louis deserves icon status.

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  1. Hey there. thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I'll have to check yours out also. All the best!